Overcast Sound - Beneath The Grain

Country: France
Label: Entropy Records
Released: 21 Feb 2011
Genre: Electronica / Dub-Techno / Dub / Ambient / Basic Channel
Order EE.003

Shipping Rate: A


* Limited Edition to 500 Copies, Digipack Edition

Description (English):
Beneath the Grain is the result of three months Canadian artists OVERCAST SOUND spent in Berlin last year. A deeply personal album, Beneath the Grain reflects the impact of the city’s contextual significance, both historically and as the modern nexus of creativity.

Each track investigates a particular place or theme discovered during their residency, drawing from the textures and sounds unique to those experiences. The ethereal vocals in Devil’s Mountain make reference to the crumbling Cold War listening station on the outskirts of the city, while Lackadaisical bubbles and meanders with the reflected sounds of inner city parks and neighbourhoods.

Beneath the Grain marks the group’s debut full-length album, showcasing OVERCAST SOUND’s distinct cinematic style and delivering a compelling sonic diary of a city.

1. The Place We Left Off – 2:56
2. A Game With Death – 8:02
3. Devil’s Mountain – 8:40
4. Lackadaisical – 9:41
5. Run – 8:10
6. Templehof – 9:03
7. Nitrate Base – 4:48
8. Black Gates & Barbed Wire – 8:04

Overcast Sound | Beneath The Grain (Audio CD preview)

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