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Linn Mori - Invisible Vision (Japanese CD Edition)

* Japanese Mini-LP CD Edition
Description (Japanese):
Linn Mori待望のニューリリース。
葛飾北斎が用いた論理的な作品作りから「invisible vision」と名付けられ、北斎によって描かれた「富嶽三十六景」の「神奈川沖浪裏」や「諸国滝廻り」の一つ「木曾路ノ奥阿弥陀の滝」等、江戸の世俗や風習等、古典的な「和」をテーマに抜群のセンスで変幻自在に纏め上げられた16曲の”短編物語”(ビートアルバム)
1 Amida Waterfall
2 Fugaku
3 Bamboo Magic
4 Geisha (Interlude)
5 Sakura
6 Weeping Cherry
7 Odori
8 Oiran (Interlude)
9 Sake
10 The Great Wave
11 Ryujin
12 Maiko
13 Kabuki
14 Ryugu-jo
15 Shunga
16 Still Life
17 Kasumi (Exclusive Bonus Track)
Invisible Vision by Linn Mori

Lex (de Kalhex) - Satori +2 (Japanese CD Edition)

* Japanese CD Edition
Description (English):
“Hardly is there such a music induce to a deep meditation, especially among Hip Hop albums. Lex’s creative spirit is heading to his inner mind. In this sense there is some similarities between him and Nujabes in trying to push boundaries of the definition of Hip Hop by unique ways.
It’s natural [...]

Substantial - Art Is Where The Home Is… (Japanese CD Edition)

* Japanese CD Edition
Description (English):
remix album of “home Is Where The Art Is’ from Mello Music Group
1.Resilient (produced by Marcus D) 04:50
2.Make Up Sex (produced by DTV) 03:24
3.Check My Resume (produced by 5-D) 04:09
4.Make Believe (produced by P.R) 03:16
5.Neighborhood Watch (produced by The Other Guys) 04:31
6.Grateful (produced by A June & J Beat) 04:02
7.Movin Alright [...]

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