Merzbow + Balázs Pándi - Live At FAC251 (CD Limited Edition)

Country: U.K.
Label: Cold Spring
Released: 21 Nov 2016
Genre: Electronic / Jazz / Noise / Experimental

William Basinski + Richard Chartier - Divertissement (1LP Limited Edition)

Country: U.S.
Label: Important Records
Released: 21 Aug 2015
Genre: Electronic / Ambient / Noise / Abstract

Felix Kubin + Das Mineralorchester - II: Music For Film And Theatre (1LP Edition)

Country: Germany
Label: Dekorder
Released: 30 Sep 2016
Genre: Electronic / Leftfield / Electro / Experimental / Noise

Borbetomagus - Trente Belles Années (CD Edition)

Country: U.S.
Label: Agaric Records
Released: 10 Jan 2013
Genre: Electronic / Jazz / Rock / Noise / Free Jazz

Boredoms - Super Roots 6 (CD Edition, Reissue)

Country: U.K.
Label: Very Friendly
Released: 26 March 2007
Genre: Electronic / Space Rock / Avant-Garde / Noise / Experimental

Boredoms - Super Roots 5 Go!!!!! (CD Edition, Reissue)

Country: U.K.
Label: Very Friendly
Released: 16 Feb 2007
Genre: Rock / Post Rock / Noise / Avant-Garde

Borbetomagus - The Eastcote Studios Session (180g 1LP Limited Edition, Numbered)

Country: U.K.
Label: Dancing Wayang
Released: 25 Nov 2016
Genre: Jazz / Free Improvisation / Experimental / Rock / Noise

Merzbow - Konchuuki (CD Limited Edition)

Country: Brazil
Label: Essence Music
Released: 10 Aug 2015
Genre: Electronic / Noise

Keiji Haino 灰野敬二 - 天乃川 1973 Live = Milky Way (1LP Limited Edition, Reissue, Remastered)

Country: Australia
Label: Black Truffle
Released: 26 Nov 2016
Genre: Electronic / Japanese-Undergound / Noise

Étant Donnés - Le Soleil, La Mer, Le Coeur Et Les Etoiles (1LP Limited Colored Edition, Numbered)

Country: France
Label: Rotorelief Archives Des Musiques Industrielles De France
Released: 1 Aug 2016
Genre: Electronic / Industrial / Experimental / Musique Concrète / Noise

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Factrix / Cazazza - California Babylon (1LP Edition, Reissue)

* 1LP Edition, Released in plastic outer sleeve with hype sticker affixed.
Description (English):
California Babylon is a far more sparse and caustic offering than FACTRIX’s debut, Scheintot, documenting their live collaboration with notorious artist MONTE CAZAZZA, who along with recording for Throbbing Gristle’s Industrial label also coined its “Industrial Music for Industrial People” motto. Originally [...]

Full Of Hell Merzbow - Full Of Hell & Merzbow (2CD Edition)

* 2CD Edition
Description (English):
Northern California native Chelsea Wolfe’s sound is best described with broad strokes: elemental, intense, radiant, ancient yet modern, intimate yet expansive, dark and sparkling. Hues of black metal and deep blues inform her ever-evolving electric folk — a warm force that wraps itself around the listener, encouraging uplift, seeking triumph. Her voice [...]

Merzbow - Lop Lop (2CD Limited Edition)

* Packaged in a DVD snap case, includes a postcard, sticker and a pendant.
* Limited to 299 numbered copies
Description (English):
There is no need to argue: Merzbow stands as the most important artist in noise music. Akita began to bring about his own brand of noise music in 1979, and since then been constantly changing the [...]

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