CHON - Homey (CD Edition)

Country: U.S.
Label: Sumerian Records
Released: 16 June 2017
Genre: Rock / Experimental / Math-Rock

Dirgahayu - Commemorate (1LP Limited Colored Gatefold Edition, RSD2017)

Country: Malaysia
Label: Soundscape Records Teenage Head Records
Released: 22 April 2017
Genre: Asian-Indie / RSD2017 / Post-Rock / Math-Rock / Indie-Rock

Slint - Spiderland (1LP Edition)

Country: U.S.
Label: Touch And Go
Released: 1991
Genre: Rock / Post-Rock / Math-Rock / Alternative-Rock

Gallops - Bronze Mystic (1LP Limited Colored Edition)

Country: E.U.
Label: Blood And Biscuits
Released: 21 April 2017
Genre: Electronic / Rock / Electro / Math-Rock

Animals As Leaders - Animals As Leaders (2LP Colored Limited Edition, Remastered, Repress)

Country: U.S.
Label: Prosthetic Records
Released: 17 March 2017
Genre: Indie-Rock / Post-Rock / Math-Rock / Prog-Rock / Metal

you you you all the same - you you you all the same (Japanese Mini Album Edition)

Country: Japan
Label: twigrecords
Released: 3 Aug 2016
Genre: Instrumental / Math-Rock / Instrumental-Rock / Post-Rock / Japanese-Indie

Rega - Rega (Japanese CD Edition)

Country: Japan
Label: WORDS Recordings
Released: 25 Jan 2017
Genre: Instrumental / Math-Rock / Indie / Post-Rock

Mouse On The Keys - Out of Body (Special Japanese cardboard CD Edition)

Country: Japan
Label: fractrec
Released: 25 Jan 2017
Genre: Electronic / Math-Rock / Jazz-Rock / Post-Rock / Contemporary Jazz

Mouse On The Keys - Out of Body (12″ Limited Colored Vinyl Edition)

Country: U.S.
Label: Topshelf Records
Released: 25 Jan 2017
Genre: Electronic / Math-Rock / Jazz-Rock / Post-Rock / Contemporary Jazz

大象體操 Elephant Gym - 工作 WORK (CD Edition)

Country: Taiwan
Label: 大象體操 Elephant Gym (Self-Released)
Released: 28 Dec 2016
Genre: Rock / Math-Rock / Indie-Rock / Taiwan-Indie

See also...

Shapes - Monotony Chic

* 6 panel matt finish CD digipack with 8 page insert. Artwork by Toby Hook.
* For Fans Of: Meet Me In St Louis, Blakfish, Talons
Description (English):
Since first launching onto the scene in January 2008, the band have played shows across the length and bredth of the country, including numerous self-organised tours. The 1st release [...]

LITE - Installation (Limited 1st Press Japanese CD Edition)

* Japanese cardboard CD
Description (English):
10 track full album include technical math rock tune “Bond” from mini album “past,present,future”.And the first press version of CD include the bonus track “Pleiades” of download code.
01.Starry Morning
04.Alter Ego
05.Between Us
07.Fog Up
08.Starry Night
Bonus Track.Pleiades(Download)
LITE / bond (live version)

LITE – Installation (digest mix)

Errors ‎ - Have Some Faith In Magic (Digipack CD)

* Digipack CD
Description (English):
“For their latest trick, Errors have produced their most impressive album thus far…their strengths remain consistent, dextrously push-pulling the listener between dance floor and headphones, the latter to appreciate the invention on offer, the former to get lost in its folds. The pointillist-style artwork is nicely representative in this regard 0 intricately [...]

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