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soha - structure of moment (Japanese CD Special Edition+sticker, badge)

* Japanese CD Edition
* Japanese Special Edition included Sticker(3pcs)+badge(2pcs)
Description (English):
“the structure of moment” is the 1st mini album that will released in 20th July 2016. the album Was recorded by Hiroshi Ikeda (from hmc studio) and Mixing&mastering by Takaaki Mino (from toe)
Biography (English):
soha (ex 44°+) is a math rock band formed in 2015 in Tokyo, [...]

you you you all the same - you you you all the same (Japanese Mini Album Edition)

* Japanese Mini Album Edition
About (English):
you you you all the same -An instrumental band in Yokohama, Japan.
1. Halation
2. プリズム
3. Fragment
4. Cloud Dwellers
5. 泳いだ記憶
6. Weathercock
7. 夜と喧騒

soha - TOMORROW WITH TODAY EP (Japanese CDEP Limited Edition)

* Japanese CDEP Limited Edition
* Limited to 500 copies
* Free Sticker
Description (English):
“TOMORROW WITH TODAY EP” is the 1st EP that will released in 6th June 2017.
the EP was Recorded & Mixing & Mastering by Hiroshi Ikeda from hmc_studio (TOKYO,JAPAN)
Biography (English):
Although it features the instrumental sound that is stoic and precise, “I KNOW” has been newly [...]

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