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Lali Puna Trampauline - Machines Are Human (7″ Vinyl Edition)

* 7″ Vinyl Edition
Description (English):
Lali Puna meets the Korean band Trampauline. You may call cultural exchange and in the beginning there was just the plan to do a tour together Germany in January and then Korea in February 2015. At one point both bands thought the same: Let’s see what happens if we start to [...]

The XX - I See You (CD Edition)

* CD Edition
Description (English):
The xx today announce details of their highly anticipated third album. Titled I See You, the ten song album will be released on 13th January 2017 via Young Turks. I See You is the follow up to The xx’s two previous albums – xx and Coexist – which have sold over 3 [...]

Bon Iver - 22, A Million (1LP Gatefold + 12″ Limited Colored Deluxe Edition)

* Deluxe LP edition with a bonus 12″ of extended versions.
* The album comes in a gatefold sleeve and includes a lyrics booklet and a digital download.
* The bonus comes in a normal sleeve and on a limited white color vinyl, exclusive to this deluxe version.
Description (English):
‘22, A Million’ is part love letter, part final [...]

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