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Jasper TX - Singing Stones

* Comes in a 3-fold digipak.
Description (English):
Jasper TX, known to his friends as Dag Rosenqvist, is a busy man indeed. Besides being one half of the rather amazing post-rock duo De La Mancha, he has released a number of carefully drafted and very well received solo recordings in his Jasper TX guise over the last [...]

Deaf Center - Recount (Limited CD Edition)

* CD, laser cut wallet with printed inner sleeves
Description (English):
Deaf Center is seemingly never of the times. Whether it’s the nostalgic component often associated with Pale Ravine and Owl Splinters, or the time between releases, waiting and remembering are part of the experience. Recount is a bridge between full albums, where [...]

Nils Frahm - The Bells (CD Edition)

* UK Edition.
Description (English):
I first met Nils after playing a concert in Berlin in early September, 2008. We had exchanged a few emails prior, in which we had agreed to swap some records in the mail. He came up to me after the show with a beaten brown package, which he had tried to post [...]

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