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Balmorhea - Balmorhea (CD 2014 Edition, Remastered, Reissue)

* Deluxe CD
* RECORDING: Recorded by Balmorhea at home in Austin, TX in 2006
2014 AUDIO MASTERING: Jeff Lipton and Maria Rice, Peerless Mastering
Description (English):
For the past eight years the duo of Rob Lowe and Michael Muller have nurtured and refined their creative partnership as the core members of the band Balmorhea. Though their first album [...]

Otto A Totland (aka Deaf Center) - Pinô (Handmade Textile Cardboard 1LP Packaging)

* * LTD 350 LP “handmade cardboard/textile packaging, embossed and numbered, including printed innersleeve & download code”
Description (English):
Otto A Totland’s modern compositional elements are most widely recognized as half of the Norwegian duo Deaf Center, where his melancholic, intricate piano work provides haunting relief to the beds of noise and deep strings from Erik K [...]

Helios September Collective Various - Duskscape Not Seen

Album Informations:
The first release of new-born label nothings66 compiles;
Helios and Goldmund from the Type Records, leading artists in the current electronic music scene,
Lusine and The Sight Below from prestigious record label Ghostly International,
Dub Tractor and The Gentleman Losers’ new album recently released in 2009 at distinguished Ger-man label City Centre Offices,
September Collective, a band by [...]

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