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Dustin O'Halloran - Vorleben (Re-issue)

* Digipack Re-issue.
It could be argued that Dustin O’Halloran epitomises the new generation of ‘classical’ and classically-inspired musician/composers of recent years. Favouring heart-wrenching melodies and floating structures over atonal experimentation and avant-garde deconstruction, O’Halloran’s music exists to blow the cobwebs from your seldom-touched heart-strings and pull on them with a gentle force that many contemporary [...]

Balmorhea - Constellations (CD Edition)

(Digipack CD)
Balmorhea’s previous album All is Wild, All is Silent explored the freedom and isolation of settlers learning to live on an untamed frontier. It was an intensely physical album, dealing with the struggles of man on earth. By contrast, their new album Constellations shifts our focus to the cosmos and beyond, meditating solemnly on [...]

Otto A Totland (aka Deaf Center) - Pinô (2nd edition Limited CD)

* 2nd edition. Limited edition of 450 hand-numbered copies.
* Packaged in handmade, embossed, hardbound book style cover with folded insert.
Description (English):
Otto A Totland’s modern compositional elements are most widely recognized as half of the Norwegian duo Deaf Center, where his melancholic, intricate piano work provides haunting relief to the beds of noise and deep strings [...]

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