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Kashiwa Daisuke 柏大輔 - 88 (Japanese CD Edition)

* Japanese Edition, digipack cd
Description (English):
KASHIWA Daisuke’s new album reaches deep into his being to make a major musical breakthrough as he faced to music sincerity.
He has thrown out his usual delicate programming and audio editing, and challenged himself to express music via the piano’s 88 keys.
The resulting album has an abundance of tranquil harmony [...]

Balmorhea - Balmorhea

This duo’s sobriquet is drawn from a similarly named town in Texas. I’ve personally never been to Texas, but after hearing this album I already feel intimately connected with [Bal-mor-ay].  This acoustic duo is pretty special. Balmorhea blend a classical sound with acoustic guitars, making for gorgeous music. Pianos crescendo to magnificent heights, and acoustic [...]

Nils Frahm - Spaces (CD Edition)

* CD in Deluxe Cardboard Sleeveincl. Album Download
Description (English):
Berlin-based contemporary composer Nils Frahm has built a steady reputation for his intimate, poignant piano recordings, yet they only reveal a fragment of what to expect from a Frahm concert. The artist’s heart lies in improvisation, in the magic of a moment where, inspired by the space [...]

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