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Ólafur Arnalds - Found Songs

With brilliant recent works from the likes of Danny Norbury, Peter Broderick, Nils Frahm and Richard Skelton’s Clouwbeck still ringing in our ears, along comes another achingly beautiful contribution to the modern classical canon. Olafur Arnalds has shown great promise in previous releases Eulogy For Evolution and Variations Of Static, and this latest outing continues [...]

Ólafur Arnalds - …and they have escaped the weight of darkness (LP Edition)

* All mail-order will incl. postcard of Olafur .
*  Vinyl Format, Gatefold Package
Olafur Arnalds’ highly anticipated second full-length album ‘…and they have escaped the weight of darkness’, continues his mission to lure an indie-generation of pop and rock fans into an emotive world of beguiling electronic chamber music and delicate classical arrangements. The sense of [...]

Balmorhea - All Is Wild, All Is Silent (CD Edition)

“Balmorhea, an acoustic quartet from Austin, plays tender, bucolic instrumentals that waft and linger like the remnants of a summer afternoon.” — Time Out New York “Minimalist, cinematic music that combines modern, experimental acoustic sounds with classical qualities.” — Second Stage, NPR
Austin’s Balmorhea has always made beautiful music, but that pulchritude has often belied the [...]

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