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Nils Frahm F.S. Blumm - Music For Lovers Music Versus Time / Music For Wobbling Music Versus Gravity (Handmade Cardboard 2CD Packaging)

* Combined version of “Music For Lovers Music Versus Time” (2010) and “Music For Wobbling Music Versus Gravity” (2013)
* standard 2CD in handmade cardboard packaging!
Description (English):
A duo can be the most magical of things, and it seems like the meeting of minds between Morr Music veteran F.S.Blumm and contemporary classical darling Nils Frahm was a [...]

Nils Frahm - Wintermusik

(2nd edition comes in a dark grey cardboard package with the paper stripe, Limited to 500 handmade copies)
“This is simply a disk of engaging, well-played music, suffused with a positive vibe.” — (Richard Allen, The Silent Ballet)
Announce a new release by nils frahm called wintermusik. these 30 minutes of piano, celeste and reed organ were [...]

Matryoshka - Zatracenie

* Japanese Jewel Case Edition
Profile (English):
Matryoshka formed in 2006 by Sen(track maker) and Calu(vocal).Their subtle yet profound strings, unreal rhythms, melancholic female vocals,cool and alluring piano mix with a hundred noises to create their massive sound image that stands starkly in an enveloping soft mist.
1. Sink Into The Sin
2. Slowsnow
3. Evening Gleam Between Clouds
4. Viridian
5. [...]

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