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Nils Frahm - Wintermusik (CD Edition)

* UK Edition
“This is simply a disk of engaging, well-played music, suffused with a positive vibe.” — (Richard Allen, The Silent Ballet)
Announce a new release by nils frahm called wintermusik. these 30 minutes of piano, celeste and reed organ were recorded by nils frahm at durton studio just in a couple of days before christmas [...]

Jasper TX - Singing Stones (CD Edition)

* Comes in a 3-fold digipak.
Description (English):
Jasper TX, known to his friends as Dag Rosenqvist, is a busy man indeed. Besides being one half of the rather amazing post-rock duo De La Mancha, he has released a number of carefully drafted and very well received solo recordings in his Jasper TX guise over the last [...]

Nils Frahm - Felt (CD Edition)

* Digipack CD.
Description (English):
Having recorded his last album live in a large, reverberant church, Nils Frahm now invites you to put on your headphones and dive into a world of microscopic and delicate sounds – so intimate that you could be sitting beside him.
Recorded late at night in the reflective solitude and silence of his [...]

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