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Nils Frahm F.S. Blumm - Music For Lovers Music Versus Time / Music For Wobbling Music Versus Gravity (Handmade Cardboard 2CD Packaging)

* Combined version of “Music For Lovers Music Versus Time” (2010) and “Music For Wobbling Music Versus Gravity” (2013)
* standard 2CD in handmade cardboard packaging!
Description (English):
A duo can be the most magical of things, and it seems like the meeting of minds between Morr Music veteran F.S.Blumm and contemporary classical darling Nils Frahm was a [...]

Ólafur Arnalds - For Now I Am Winter (EU Edition)

* CD Edition
Description (English):
For Now I Am Winter is Ólafur Arnalds’ third full-length studio album. His earlier albums, soundtracks and EPs, have been released through the Berlin based cult label Erased Tapes.
Building and expanding on his previous more minimalist work, Arnalds’ new album is his first to involve a full orchestra (coarranged by Nico Muhly) [...]

Helios - Eingya (Japanese Edition)

(Japanese Edition)
Keith Kenniff mustn’t sleep at all, after releasing the incredible Goldmund album ‘Corduroy Road’ for Type early in 2005 he was already busy at work crafting his second record as Helios; all this while finishing a degree at the acclaimed Berklee College of Music in Boston. ‘Eingya’ is very different from his work as [...]

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