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Haruka Nakamura - 音楽のある風景 (Customized 2CD case)

* Gold foil box, customized 2CD case, booklet + Bonus download track

Description (English):
We first introduced haruka nakamura’s first full-length piano-based album ‘twilight’ in 2010. The studio-recorded album was extolled and acclaimed by fans and critics alike in Japan. Building on the strengths and success of its predecessor, haruka nakamura
returns with his brand new 4th [...]

DJ Olive Kashiwa Daisuke 柏大輔 Takeshi Nishimoto - April.#07

Now, five of the most prominent producers have remixed Kashiwa Daisuke´s famous title track from his debut album for the upcoming remixcollection CD april.#07 (April Dot Sharp Zero Seven). Among these five producers Daisuke himself is part of the remix project. Having contributed two of the remixes himself, this project has been compiled with remixes [...]

Jónsi & Alex - Riceboy Sleeps (LP Edition)

* Vinyl Edition
Known primarily for his haunting falsetto and other-worldly presence as the singer in sigur ros, jon thor (jonsi) birgisson has – together with
his partner alex somers – been exhibiting artwork and staging exhibitions under the name riceboy sleeps for two or three years now. A couple of months back the early fruits of the [...]

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